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Bsa service star report

So after reading older posts is there still not a way to get a scouts service report? dose anyone know how to look up how long someone has been a register scout or leader?


I know of no capability to see a consolidated report of all unit members’ tenure.

Individually, you can look at a Scout’s Memberships tab in Scoutbook to see their tenure in the current program. But there is no way (that I know of) to see their continuous registration information from Cub Scouts on thru other programs, unless it has been entered into Scoutbook.

The only way I know, for sure, to accurately determine length of service is to check their records through your Registrar, on an individual basis. Your Registrar is probably task saturated, though, so I don’t recommend this :flushed:

If your Scout or Scouter has a succession of membership cards through the years, that is another way to verify. Or if you have yearly recharter rosters…

In 30+ years of Scouting, I have seen very few units use the Service Star program. As this is “one more thing to track,” I recommend you wait until a Scout asks about it, then review his service, and get the appropriate star for him, if your Committee/unit authorizes troop funds to be spent for this. This “honor system” has worked best in my experience.

I track on my own, and occasionally wear Service Stars according to Guide to Awards and Insignia, page 67 https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066/33066_Scouting_Honors_And_Special_Recognitions_WEB.pdf

I also fill out the paperwork for my own Veteran’s Recognition (page 68)

Service Stars and Attendance Pins are extra uniform bling, and are not required with any parts of the advancement program. These are awards and recognition programs, and, as such, are to be implemented at your discretion.

Scouter Rob

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Rob, Thank you for your reply and I hear you about this not being a requirement but more of a award.
I just would think that BSA would have all the info in there system on when scouts started there registration and when they ended it. I did talk to my Council and yes they can look up each scout individually to get this data and I told them it was not worth the time. I also don’t see why it would not be able for one of the Key 3 in a unit to be given this information also. If the data is out there I’m sure a programmer could write a code to run this for every registered person. I was given this as a youth and I would like to pass this along to the youth and adults I lead today.

Mark Sims

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That would only work for Scouts that never changed councils. Unfortunately ScoutNET does not allow registrars in one council to view the records of a Scout in another Council. When a Scout moves to a new Council, a new BSA Member ID is generated and only old records manually added to the new BSA Member ID are available.



Kudos for wanting to recognize tenure! But, as @edavignon indicates, the data is actually not conglomerated anywhere, so is basically out of reach without your spending time to reconstruct consolidated records.

If time permits, recommend you simply make the announcement to your Scouts that this award is available, and use the honor system. No one is going to scrutinize, and the Stars you give them may be outdated in a year :wink:

Regarding implementation: Cub Scout tenure is denoted with a gold backing, Scouts BSA tenure with green, and Venturing with red (per the guide). Youth are to wear multiple stars for participation in different programs. Adults may combine all years in all phases and use the blue backing, or wear four different Stars if they qualify/wish.

I do not see this as being added for tracking to Scoutbook any time soon (the SUAC’ers will have to comment on that)

Best Wishes,

Scouter Rob


For anyone who might be interested:

Bryan on Scouting: Pins with a point: How to properly wear BSA service stars

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