DLE auto config next year?

I was a new Tiger Den Leader this year. Every so often this year I’ve looked at DLE to see if it works for signing off my scouts’ advancement since it ‘appeared’ to be the new version everything should be transitioning to (slick graphics, etc), but I couldn’t ever really figure it out. Well, I finally took the plunge last month and ‘configured’ my den by setting up a calendar to see if that enabled me to sign off activities, and that was obviously a bad idea since there’s apparently no way to delete that calendar and DLE was ‘smart’ enough to not pay attention to what was already signed off in Scoutbook and set up my den to complete Bobcat and everything else with meetings stretching into next March…DOH!

I’ve gone through the hassle of moving all of the events to the past (so my den doesn’t receive notifications for meetings that are completely inaccurate and won’t be occurring). I’ve read in this forum that the only way to really reset everything is to have the den deleted and then reconfigured by pack leadership (removing me as a leader, then re-adding me), and I don’t want to bother them with all of that trouble if I don’t have to.

What I really want to know is, at this point can I just safely ignore DLE, or will it automatically configure my den with a bunch of Wolf meetings starting in late April again next year, and so on every year? That I would like to avoid, and I’m hoping that it effectively ‘resets’ each year since den composition, leadership, and schedule can all change each year (though based on how inflexibly it’s been coded up, I’m not holding my breath).

Appreciate any feedback from fellow leaders who have been dealing with this longer than me!

It will not auto configure. It only marks things off if attendance is taken. Not sure if it sends "You missed a meeting " notifications if NO ATTENDANCE is taken - like it does if a Scout does miss a meeting. Might want to move ALL meetings to the past just in case.

The other thing you could do is go to the calendar in scoutbook and click the hide DLE events button. That will ensure others can’t see the events.

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