Shooting sports awards

Hello; I am trying to award shooting sports awards to my Scouts.

If they are currently in the “Bears” den and working on their Bear rank do they earn the wolf shooting sport award as that is their actual “Current rank”?

Scoutbook does not give me the option to award the Bear shooting sports award to my Bears den…only Wolf.

No, it should be based on their den level.


How are you trying to add the Shooting Sports awards? What specific path are you taking?

In internet advancement, clicking record progress after highlighting the Scout. Only shows me their current rank, not their Den level.

For Bobcat’s in my Bear’s den there isn’t even an option available.

Try adding it via There is an issue in Internet Advancement that it uses the last earned rank when it should be using the den of the Scout.


It is supposed to align to their current den level/rank working towards. Make sure to look for all of the award entries and set them. For example, if a Bear does a shooting sports day and does bb, archery, and wrist rocket they earn the award patch, and the 3 pins, and you need to enter all 4 items.

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