Internet Advancement Question

I am working on learning the new Internet Advancement system through Scoutbook. This summer a few of our Cub Scouts went to summer camp and earned their shooting sports awards. They advanced to Bear rank in May so that was the shooting sports awards they earned. Internet Advancement will only let me enter in the award for the wolf rank. The bear award is not even listed. It is the same for the Outdoor Activity Award. I can only put in the wolf award and not the bear but all the boys ranked up already. Am I missing something?? Thanks!

This is a known issue. We do not know when it will be fixed.

The workaround is for a Key 3 member to go into Scoutbook and record and approved the Shooting Sports awards there.

Go to Administration → My Dashboard → Pack X → Quick Entry → Awards. Select the Shooting Sports award, enter the date, select the Scouts, click the Leader Approved box and select the requirements that were completed.

Thank you! I will try that.

Ed, sould the leader also mark the Scoutbook entry as awarded? This would seem to be consistent with how a regular IA entry would show in Scoutbook.

no if they mark it awarded it will not fall on an advancement / Purchase report

Awarded means the Scout physically has the award. Since I presume you still need to purchase the award, you should not mark it awarded.

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