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Application Manager not Showing Approval Button on Desktop

Not sure if a bug or a setting I am missing.

Our pack is going through a leadership transition, and I started to work through the process of approving an application last evening. I saw the scouts in application manager, and they were “pending approval” and then no approval button.

Did verify that I am a Key 3 designate in my user settings.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

if they did not pay online - or if you council has additional fees - Council has to take action first

Sorry, I should have previously added that our current cubmaster had access to the approval button through mobile at the same time.

My understanding is that Key 3 Delegates do not have the ability to approve applications using the Application Manager - only Key 3 can approve youth applications.

Got it! Thank you Jennifer for helping me understand the important distinction between Key 3 and Key 3 Delegate!

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