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Show positions beyond the unit for adults in a unit

It would be nice to know what merit badges, for example, a leader in our troop is approved for. I know this isn’t a unit position, but the info is in there. It is odd it is “hidden” from a unit.

  1. Roster Builder
  2. Select “Leaders” and/or “Parents”
  3. “Merit Badge Counselor Options”
  4. “Show Merit Badges”
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Ok. That is a current way and can get the job done. I guess why doesn’t it have it under the person’s profile like it does for individuals?

Do you mean via the Troop Roster page? MBC positions don’t show up there, because MBC positions are managed by councils - not units.

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MBC lists are not supposed to be given to Scouts or parents per the Guide to Advancement. If Scoutbook listed Merit Badges on the roster page, this would have the effect of providing this data to Scouts and parents.

Scouts should be meeting the the Unit Leader (Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or Skipper) to get the name of one or more MBCs for an MB the Scout is working on.

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No, if I want to see details on Mr. Smith, I would click on them, then positions. It appears that Mr. Smith isn’t a MBC. I would see him and ask why he wasn’t an MBC and he would say he is.

My wife is below. She is a cooking MBC, but it doesn’t say from my view, but it does her her. Why “hide” the position from the unit?

MBCs do see their position on their My Positions page. This is where they can change their listing preference and availability. Since MBC is not a unit position, it does not belong on the unit roster. As I said earlier, this would allow the unit to bypass the Guide to Advancement statement that MBC lists are not to be provided to Scouts.

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It’s also the same reason why you can’t see your wife’s pack positions when going through the Troop Roster. The troop doesn’t manage those positions, so they can’t see them.

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I am saying it from a Scoutmaster perspective. I guess it is inconsistent in how airmail database works in that when you see a persons entry, you normally get “all” of their info. In this case, though, the “security” checks and balances prevail.


Now that Merit Badge Counselor positions and merit badges are controlled by councils, Scoutbook does not show them via Troop Roster, because Scoutbook does not show positions there that are not under the unit’s control. This is similar to how Scoutbook does not show Troop A a leader’s positions with Troop B, Ship C, or Pack D.

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