Showing Scouts under Parents in Message

When I’m composing a message, under the “Parent” section most parents have their Scout(s) listed underneath them, but not all. Mainly it’s new Webelos 2s who crossed over recently, but it’s not limited to just them. For example, my own son does not show up under me. We have granted him access to Scoutbook and I show up under him. Another family has the father showing two sons, only one of which is still registered with BSA, and the mother only shows one (the one who is registered).

I don’t think this a connections issue, because all the parents have full control by default and I’m a unit admin and Key 3. Some of the new Scouts have different last names as their parents, and it would be helpful for all Adult Leaders to have all Scouts listed under parents.



Please try an experiment for me since you are a unit admin. Go to your connection for you Scout. Without making any changes, click the Update link then check the Send Message again.

If your scout’s name appears, you may be able to do this with the rest of your parents. If it does not appear, go back and clear the Parent/Guardian check box, click Update then go back into your Scout’s connection and set the Parent/Guardian check box then check send message again.

For some reason we are still hearing of parent connections that are not correct in the DB even though they appear correct in the user interface.

Let us know what happens.

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That worked for my son and one other Scout. I’ll go through the rest of the ones I know are missing, plus look over the entire roster. Thanks.

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