Emailing Den does not select all parents

I am viewing a den in our roster, and I can see every scout has a linked parent, but when the den leader clicks to email the den, none of the non-leader parents are selected by default.

When I go to the Send Message page, and I look at one of the parents who is not being included, I do not see the Scout’s full name. Some only first name, others blank. I was able to reset the parent’s connection to the Scout by going to Pack Roster or Den page, click on the Scout’s name, click on a parent’s name, then Update.

I did this for one den, but I have about 70 other Scouts who are impacted. Looks like a glitch. How can I update and fix this going forward?


This is a known issue that we have not been able to reproduce so the root cause is unknown. You can help the developers by sending an e-mail to with your unit number and council, a description of the issue and a sample of parent names with this issue (please do not update their connections). Post the SSD number you receive back as part of one of the automated replies and I will get this in front of the developers.

Please make sure you state that this is for developer debug and that member care should not take any action to correct the connections.

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I am having this same problem with just about all of the new scouts we recruited last week. How do we resolve in the short term?

I received SSD-77178 from my help desk submission.

Support Incident: SSD-77189 created.

This happens with every new adult linked to a new scout. The process as we’ve found it:
-new scout shows up on our roster in Scoutbook
-we link the scout’s adult to their account - yet adult does not get added to messaging (as others have explained, when the den leader goes to send a message, these adults don’t show up as linked to a scout)
-we go to the scout’s name, click on parent’s name, then Update parent. This fixes the problem.

I don’t understand why the parents/adults aren’t connected to messaging as soon as we link them to their scouts.

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Thanks for the fix at least while they work it.

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I’ve also reported, I’ve got dozens not showing up.

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