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Signatures not matching to the signature lines

Why are the signatures not matching up with the lines on the card stocks? It looks like the color part of the card was not consider in the formatting of the template.

are you forcing it to print at 100%?

Make sure you are not fitting to page. Also, try printing it once on regular paper to hold it up against the sheet from the scoutshop. That will tell you if your printer is having trouble feeding the card stock.

Im not making any changes like it says not to

I have been printing on a regular sheet of paper to line up into the light. Thats how I found out that there off by just the same space as the color on the cards. But I can’t make corrections once the signature page is generated and pops up. I just print from there.


When you print, make sure FIT TO PAGE is OFF and if there is a scaling percentage it is set to 100. These are printer driver dependent settings so we can’t tell you exactly where they are.