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Just got done with my YPT. I have nothing against what is in there, but I would like to see one thing added, non-sexual child abuse and why we can’t allow it, e.g. generalized corporal punishment. The famous or rather infamous “Board of Education” like the one here,, is a prime example of how not to discipline the youth as it is corporal punishment. FIY, despite being a child from the 90’s to noughts this actually was happen to me by my own father.


This is a very very good point. There were some things that were common in the past but completely against our current YPT standards. It would be great to include a slide or 2 to lay those out and make it clear they are not allowed.

I didn’t include the standard “national doesn’t monitor these forums”. There is a spot to post questions of a YPT / Safety nature. Here is the url. I have had a response to questions in the past. It may take a few weeks, but I did get a response. So, the form on this link is monitored.
Got Questions? | Boy Scouts of America (

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This kind of feedback might be good to push up the chain via your council Youth Protection Champion (and no, I didn’t make the title up).

ETA: @Matt.Johnson beat me to the YPT questions and comments form. :^)

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Youth Protection Champions



“Corporal punishment in public schools is legal in nineteen states in the U.S. Over 100,000 students are disciplined with corporal punishment in public schools each year.” per

I am not sure yet where the BSA policy is documented.


Youth Protection and Adult Leadership | Boy Scouts of America.

Discipline must be constructive.

  • Discipline must reflect Scouting’s values.
  • Corporal punishment is never permitted.
  • Disciplinary activities involving isolation, humiliation, or ridicule are also prohibited.
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That quote is from the online version of Guide to Safe Scouting, Chapter I, “Youth Protection and Adult Leadership”, 34416, ISBN 978-0-8395-4416-6, ©2021 Boy Scouts of America

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