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I completed my Youth Protection Training on 3/16/2024. Today my local council suspended my ability to be a scoutmaster and merit badge counselor as of today. I sent my local council (Minsi Trails Council) screenshots of the completion and was advised that I have to take the course all over again even though I provided evidence of the completion. They said there is nothing they can do and will create a “ticket” with national

Has anyone else dealt with this and how did you rectify it? This happened once before and I took YPT 3 times and it never updated and the scoutmaster needed to call council.

Ive had to cancel a First Aid merit badge I was starting tonight over this.

Any help you can give would be great

My scout id is 131564409. any help would be appreciated

@JamesBurns9 you took the Continuing Education ones - NOT the ones Clearly Marked MANDATORY - you took the correct in 2022. So just get on and run the Mandatory YPT

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 2.53.18 PM

the dumb test has a LONG standing error of giving a false completion screen


I took the one off of the main screen that says click her for youth protection training. why would they have different trainings marked youth protection

@JamesBurns9 sorry but you did not - click the seals you go right to Mandatory - you have to dig a little for the other class


Thats what I took.

thats a screenshot from my page

@JamesBurns9 - the sco codes are exactly what you took and not the required ones.

Ok, will someone please explain how I took the manditory youth protection as shown in the photo that is the correct page isnt it?

Now i am retaking it, you can see it is the MANDITORY- YOUTH PROTECTION showing that im now working on it again with a “Last Completion date of 3/16/2024”

and it states itz the “correct learning plan”


Unfortunately the 100% complete is a bug in the training system. It is only looking that you took all of the required modules sometime in the past, not that you completed the within the last 60 days. What Donovan posted above is from your training record and you can clearly see the last recoded dates for SCO_3008, 9 and 10 is from 2022. Take these 3 modules now and your YPT will complete.

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You took this - see the course names and how they match up with your training. Complain all you want here and to council - you took the wrong course.

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No need to be a jerk. Im trying to figure this out.

I agree the completion percentages are very misleading. What you took this time was the test (SCO_3011), but you then took 4 other optional YPT trainings, not the required ones. You still have 3 of the 4 to do to get your date to reset.

The best place to check is at my.Scouting. Go to:

My Training → Completions

Then look for the 4 individual course modules:


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and they all have to be completed in a 60 day window


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