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Leader w/o an email and can't login

I have a new leader who appears in Scoutbook and I can’t invite him to connect his account. It says he needs an email. I try to edit his account to add his email but it says an account already exists with that email. He showed in without an email. I added his email in but it didn’t transfer over to scoutbook. I was going to delete his scoutbook account and hope it came over fresh from my.scouting but I can’t. When I try to delete his scoutbook account I get this message: Scouts who are activated with advancement sync cannot be deleted. Please contact Member Care if you need to remove this Scout.

Any ideas?

Send an email to Include all the details like email address, bsa member number, and my.scouting username. Ask for all related accounts to be merged.

Has your leader tried to login to Scoutbook using their ID?

Or if he is new - he needs to go to and create an account - then he could log into scoutbook

thanks for the ideas! I emailed scoutbook support. and I will see if he can login to

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