Son isn't listed on my my.scouting account

Hi. Background info… My husband and I are both leaders with a few local scout units. We have 3 children also registered in local units. Our middle child (14 years old) has his own my.scouting login.

If my husband or I login to our accounts on my.scouting, our daughter is only listed on my amount and our youngest son is only listed on my husband’s account. Our middle child is not listed on either of our accounts. We are connected to him in Scoutbook, just not on my.scouting. It also happens that he (our middle son) has two BSA member id numbers. Is there any way to fix this and have all three of our children listed under both my husband’s and my my.scouting account? My son’s primary listed BSA ID number is 131294098

Yes, please ask your local council to add your relationships. We (SUAC) do not have the tools to do this at my.scouting.

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