Parent Not Able to See Scouts

I have a parent with 3 scouts in our pack, and he is not able to see any of them when she logs into Scoutbook. I have confirmed that he has set up an account on which he has (and says he has to change her password every time he tries to log in). And I also confirmed that he is using the same credentials that he set up in to log into scoutbook.

Parent BSA #: 137389354

Scout 1: 137389353
Scout 2: 13956263
Scout 3: 137389341

Thank you in advance!

This parent has 2 BSA Member IDs (MID). His other MID is 13956249.

I only found one ID which is attached to MID 137389354. The Scoutbook ID with this MID is connected to all 3 children you posted MIDs for.

He needs to log in with his last name followed by 9999. I was not able to find any other Scoutbook ID or ID for him, but he does have a common name

I found a 3rd BSA member number with a slightly different e-mail address.

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