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Son listed as cubmaster in Scoutbook

My family just moved and in the process from leaving my previous pack, where I was the cubmaster, i am having challenges getting my scouts transferred. My son is listed as an adult leader, albiet with his advancement intact and i cant add connections for him. Any thoughts on how to fix? I know we wilk fsce this again as we are a military family and I would like to figure it out before they reach scouts Bsa. Thanks!

Does he have your bsa member number in his profile?

No, he’s got the correct one for him.

What about you? Do you have the correct one? Do you happen to have the same first and last name? Or is there an email address on his account that could be tied to you elsewhere?

Doesn’t look like there’s and email tied to me on his account and my BSA# is correct. I can’t even do anything with his profile at this point.

Send an email to Explain the problem and include his bsa member number.

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