Adult leader with wrong BSA #

My name is Greg King and I am the Cub Master of Pack 377 in the Crossroads of America Council Five Creeks District. I have an issue regarding an adult leader in my Pack, FP whose BSA # is 137337317. He has lost access to his Scoutbook account and his BSA # that appears in his Scoutbook account doesn’t match the number above. The number that shows up in his account is 135597125. The number that shows up for him in my Scoutbook account is the correct one. When he goes to his BSA number shows up as the incorrect number and when he tries to go to manage member id the correct number doesn’t appear for him to select it as the primary number. I have had other leaders lose access to their scoutbook in a similar fashion and was able to get them access again by having them manage their member id in but he can’t do this because the correct id # doesn’t show up for him to make it the primary number. Could someone please figure out how to get him back to his original BSA # in both Scoutbook and or advise me how to advise him. Thank you.


Greg King
Cub Master Pack 377

Do Your Best!

This should be all cleaned up now @GregoryKing - he needs to use his username and password to get in - user name is everything before @ of his email. He used it last week

Thank you for your help.

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