Cannot add Parent as CubMaster, BSA ID not found

I am trying to help our parent and new Cubmaster get classified in Scoutbook, and set-up as a CubMaster. He is currently in Scoutbook as a parent.

When I search his BSA ID: 13679778, it says not found.
Rey Frank Maulit

How can I find the root cause of the issue or mismatch?

Thank you.

@CrystalDurette if the adult was registered as Cubmaster they would be in Scoutbook automatically. Has the Adult filled out an Adult Leader Application? It does not seem so

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They were a Den Leader last year, and had this same trouble getting set up in Scoutbook as a Lion Leader.

I will check with them.
Can you point me to where they can submit this application? Is it an online application that will link for council to re-set up their classification?

Is there anything else that I should check on with their set-up?

@CrystalDurette - for our council it is a paper application approved by the charter organization and the criminal background check

@Stephen_Hornak this person has never been a registered leader - you need to talk to your DE or Austin - a Key 3 can see this at > unit > Roster - that is the official roster

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@DonovanMcNeil - i did not think so either… most likely just a lion adult partner

Thank you! I believe we’ve found the issue - It IS with his Adult Leader application that is MIA between committee chair and council. So, we are starting to track it down in the sign-off and hand-off process. Appreciate it.

@CrystalDurette - and hopefully they used the existing BSA ID on that application

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