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Space Exploration Merit Badge Requirement 3 Request for Modification Showing Completion

Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-105299

To Whom It Concerns:

Requirement 3 of the Space Exploration Merit Badge (version 2020) reads as follows.

3. Build, launch, and recover a model rocket.* Make a second launch to accomplish a specific objective. (Rocket must be built to meet the safety code of the National Association of Rocketry. See the “Model Rocketry” chapter of the
Space Exploration merit badge pamphlet.) Identify and explain the following
rocket parts.
(a) Body tube
(b) Engine mount
© Fins
(d) Igniter
(e) Launch lug
(f) Nose cone
(g) Payload
(h) Recovery system
(i) Rocket engine

To summarize, requirement 3 requires two launches and the identification of rocket parts (a through i).

Scoutbook allows for showing completion of the rocket parts (a through i), but does not allow for showing completion of the two rocket launches. So, if I as a merit badge counselor sign off on the rocket parts (a through i), requirement 3 is shown as completed without the two required rocket launches.

Is there a way to change the way to show completion of Requirement 3 to show the two rocket launches separately for Requirement 3 in Scoutbook? I guess you could also add the “build” rocket requirement separately as well. In almost all cases, the two rocket launches are what keep the Scout from completing this merit badge. Most Scouts build their rockets but are waiting for the opportunity to launch their rockets.

Thank you in advance for consideration of this modification.


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