Space Exploration Requirement #3 Issue Remains unresolved in Scoutbook but keeps getting closed

Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-105299

This remains unresolved but continues to be closed. The issue is that for SE req#3, a scout can launch a rocket, but there is nowhere to check off that part of the requirement in Scoutbook if the scout also failed to identify the parts of the rocket (a-i).

Thanks for taking another look to see if this can be resolved.

@Stephen_Hornak - please re-read the issue. This is not helping to resolve this. I have no trouble understanding that he nor you have not understood what the previous person asked nor what i am asking here. I don’t know how to explain this any simpler to you for you to understand.

@ThomasCarroll - no need for you to continually open the topic. That is all I am after… not having to see the same thing in multiple threads.

It just looked like it was written off as “closed” in the other thread while the issue remains un-resolved.

@ThomasCarroll - you can delete this post as the redundancy is idiotic

Except… that it was closed before and it was not resolved, then, either.

@ThomasCarroll - the other thread is open so work from that one anc delete your first entry here

Man… you guys are brutal. Calling me an idiot and telling me I can’t understand what the requirement states… Brutal, I say… Brutal…

I’m going to close this thread and move the other thread to New Feature Requests.