Special info icon next to Scout on roster

We noticed a gray icon with the letter “i” (info?) next to a few scouts. Screenshot included here. Why do only some scouts have this?


It shows the highest rank in another BSA program that is recorded. If a Scout does not have another recorded rank in another BSA program under the same BSA Number that “i” does not show

Thanks for the quick reply. Some follow on questions:

We see this info icon for two Eagles who were in another troop previously and transferred to our troop. At first we thought maybe it was an indication that the Eagle had earned a palm and this was some sort of notice - could that be the case?

The third Scout, who is a Star Scout, also has this info icon and has been with our cub and boy scout troop from the beginning.



In both cases the I indicated the Scout has a rank recorded in another program, most likely Cub Scouts but it could be Venturing or Sea Scouts too.

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