SSO error on an old account


I just activated an old parent account for myself but it is not letting me get anywhere in Scoutbook because of the SSO error (account was set up in 2019 and I am just now activating it. This account was set up erroneously by an old pack leader and it is using the email address I actually need to use now.

How can I get access to this account so that I can change the email address? Alternatively, can the account just be deleted so that I can use that email address going forward in my good account? Additionally, this account was linked to my stepson - can it please be disconnected?

Additional information: I currently have a good parent account but it has an outdated email address, I was trying to update it with my current active email address and discovered that it was used by a pack leader to set up an additional account for me.


I sent you a private message so we can discuss details of your issue. Click on the yellow circle with white I in the upper right of your forum window.

Thank you so much! I responded.

Hi! I logged out of all scouting websites and now I can no longer log back into the forums so that I can see my private messages on this matter. It says that account no longer has access rights (probably because it was mostly deactivated). I can no longer see your responses. Can you please update my email as in this account or combine the two so that I can get back in there? Hopefully, we are at the end of this ordeal!

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