Parent Cannot Login/Retrieve Login Information

I have a parent trying to access Scoutbook and is experiencing issues. Below are the details I have:

Member ID: 136501515
Role: Parent (not adult leader)
Has not accepted Scoutbook invite to set up SSO
When trying to log into, she is told she has an account but when trying to retrieve her username and password, it says she doesn’t have one

Her husband (one of our ASMs) recently passed away and handled all their scout’s advancements in Scoutbook. She is trying to pick up the pieces and step into that role, so I am doing what I can to try and get this working for her so it’s one less hoop she’s having to jump through right now.

Thank you!

@LaurieReynolds that user does not have a real email in Scoutbook and has no user name - have they tried to Make an account at with the BSA# and data

I did find another account with an email - but the instructions above are probably still best

Hi @DonovanMcNeil Donovan! The email I am seeing in Scoutbook for her is her real gmail address. I know we are not supposed to post personal information here, so I don’t want to post the full email.

She did try creating an account in That’s when she got the message that an account already existed for her. Then when she tried to retrieve her credentials, she got the message that no accounts were found matching the information provided.

yes @LaurieReynolds I fixed her email - it is a unique enough name I do not see a user name link - have her do this

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

you could also go to Scoutbook > go to Scout > click her name as parent and click the resend invite now that email is correct @LaurieReynolds

@DonovanMcNeil thank you so much - you are always a huge help. I will have her try again and let you know if she runs into any more problems.

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