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I have a leader who never completed the SSO Login process, and is not unable to login to Scoutbook at all. What are the steps to fix this?

If Forgot Password and Forgot Username do not work to allow the leader to log in, send an e-mail to with the leader’s name, BSA#, council and unit explaining the issue so they can reset the account.

Having a login issue since Scoutbook started using the SSO.
Using Google Chrome on Windows 10 Pro, how do I get Scoutbook to forget my old login info. Both my old login (email address) and password are pre-entered when I click Login. If I do not click the X in each field to erase the old info, I sometimes have issue with the login function trying to use the mis-matched credentials.

David - that would be a chrome issue. The steps are here:

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Charley - my apologies :slight_smile: I did see that you were actively type and figured I would remove mine if yours was a better explanation.

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