New leader can't log into Scoutbook

I have a new leader; he is in Scoutbook. When he tries to log in he gets a request for 2 step authentication. Scoutbook says it will text him a code to verify his identity. He never receives the code. How do I get this fixed?

What’s his bsa member number?

is he using user/password?

14009239 is his bsa number.

OK - wrong BSA # - he should be able to use the Goggle Log in button to get to Scoutbook now

His bsa # was entered incorrectly or he was using the wrong number?

he had 2 - he should be good now

Thank you.

He was able to get to the password reset screen now but hasn’t received the email yet. It has been a couple hours. How long does it typically take to receive a password reset email?

Should be a matter of minutes. He could check spam/junk folders

He was setup to use the Google login button

@JonBowman Adding on to what Donovan said, he needs to use the Sign in with Google option and use his Google name and Google password.

He was able to log in using the Google sign. Thank you so much.

Next question: The only scout he is able to see is his son. He cannot see the other tiger cubs in the den. Is there a synchronization step I missed?

Add the den admin position to him.

Everything works! Thank you so much.