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Duplicate scout to merge

One of my scouts has been inadvertently duplicated. Please combine the following:

BSA numbers 136067263 & 129185391
Per Council Registrar, use #129185391

Glenn Simmonds
Troop 73 Membership & Advancement Chair

@GlennSimmonds this is fixed

Do I need to wait for the overnight refresh?

I just checked my roster and he’s still there twice. I wouldn’t have noticed it yesterday but I was doing quick entry for summer camp merit badges and found it.


i fixed it - was just 2 instances

I have the same issue. Duplicate entries for one scout, BSA #132009726 on both accounts. Please combine. Thank you.

Troop 1318, Missouri
Advancement Chair

This is probably a different issue - but I can’t see both of my scouts (my kids) in my own my.scouting account. I see one of them, but not the other. I have the second scouts BSA Member ID, but don’t know how to add it / associate it with my own!
Please help!

@BrianGrafton council can fix this