Duplicate scout to merge

One of my scouts has been inadvertently duplicated. Please combine the following:

BSA numbers 136067263 & 129185391
Per Council Registrar, use #129185391

Glenn Simmonds
Troop 73 Membership & Advancement Chair

@GlennSimmonds this is fixed

Do I need to wait for the overnight refresh?

I just checked my roster and he’s still there twice. I wouldn’t have noticed it yesterday but I was doing quick entry for summer camp merit badges and found it.


i fixed it - was just 2 instances

I have the same issue. Duplicate entries for one scout, BSA #132009726 on both accounts. Please combine. Thank you.

Troop 1318, Missouri
Advancement Chair

This is probably a different issue - but I can’t see both of my scouts (my kids) in my own my.scouting account. I see one of them, but not the other. I have the second scouts BSA Member ID, but don’t know how to add it / associate it with my own!
Please help!

@BrianGrafton council can fix this

Hi @DonovanMcNeil .
I’m having a similar problem. My child had an account with Silicon Valley Council (#10299711). We have moved to the Georgia-Carolina Council and they created a new account that we wish to continue to use (#11850996). Her current Pack 119 cannot see her Scoutbook.

Is it possible to either:

  1. merge the old account into the new account (with an effective transfer date of 8/20/2020, because they continue to log events for even though we left),


  1. delete the old account and keep the current account?

The Georgia-Carolina Council office routed this problem out to National over a month ago but the turnaround time has not been the fastest. Thanks in advance.

@SHAUNAMATA I merged the accounts - I see the Cubmaster is connected to the Scout so they can see the Scout

Thank you so much for your quick response and for being so actively engaged on this forum.

and noticed your husband had 2 BSA Users - I cleaned that up as well @SHAUNAMATA

You were so helpful to me in the past with two of my kids! I have one more cub scout with a duplicate account. Unfortunately both show zero percent which is definitely not correct, I am hoping when you merge them you will see his achievements return. The two numbers are 136361452 and 137333345 . The second one is the one that has been accepted by the pack, so that one is preferred, but only if it will show all the advancements that he had using the other number before we moved. Hoping you can find Lee Dowdy’s advancements (AOL now) and that we can just have one account that has been accepted by 1853 (his pack). Thanks!

You just helped me with another issue and I seem to have a similar issue to this topic as well. We recently moved and changed councils. When we did this, a new account showed up with a different ID number for my son. I see where the new account is being used by the new Bear Den Leader but neither of them show his completion as a Tiger and a Wolf at the previous council. Which I know for certain was there before we changed Councils. Should the two accounts be merged together, and should it show that he completed the past two ranks? Thank you.

If you have one or both of the BSA IDs, please post them (no names needed) and the SUAC folks can help merge the Scoutbook accounts.

Just as background, BSA IDs are unique to the council in which they are assigned (for historical reasons related to pre-internet record-keeping), so they don’t “move” with the scout/scouter when they change councils. However, your scout’s advancement should show up once the two accounts are merged. Keep the “prior” BSA ID on file somewhere, though, since if you move back to that council, you’ll (ideally) want the registrar to attach any new records to that same BSA ID number.

@CharleyHamilton Thank you for the clarification.

@DustinBaker1 We can merge them, but individual requirements do not merge. Would you like to keep the new Scoutbook account? Or the old Scoutbook account?

@JenniferOlinger Probably this one since it has all the new stuff. 13857362
Thank you

@DustinBaker1 The Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

@JenniferOlinger That is great, thank you very much.

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We have a few scouts who have duplicate accounts that I am not sure if we need to just get rid of the old account with no rank/advancement/parent information or need to merge into the new/accurate id. Appreciate your help.
BSA id (old): 13431425
BSA id (new): 134186998