Straightening Out Scout/Parent Accounts

Seem to have a doozie here and would appreciate any help you SUAC heroes can throw my way.

Scout 1: Member ID 14035814 (Scout’s initials are M.S.). Scout 1’s parent has had some issues registering properly, and thinks she messed up the Scout/Parent accounts in some way. This is likely correct, as in Internet Advancement the Scout’s Profile has a YPT Training expiration date of 16 September 2024.
Scout 1’s Parent (Member ID 14035805, initials are L.S.) has no YPT associated with it.

Scout 1’s Parent is trying to register her other child with our Pack, but when she logs in to is being told that registration is not available, as you can only register if you are over 18 years old.

Please help! We need to get her existing Member IDs sorted, have her YPT associated with her account, and help her get her other son registered. Thanks for any help you all can offer!

@GregoryStevenson1 let me look at this

@GregoryStevenson1 what she did is make herself a log in but used the Scouts info. Her real original log in is everything before the @ of her email - that gets to her MID not the Scouts. As far as the YPT you should talk to Council - also talk to them about checking the AKELA Relationship Tab for her scouts

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Good evening, we have a scout parent who says she used the QR for joining Pack 1863. She wasn’t prompted to pay but did get a BSA number for her son. The BSA number is 140417591. Can you see where or what needs to be done to fix this? The scout has not shown up in Scout Book yet either.

@Butch-Moldenhauer - do you have auto approve youth application checked? Otherwise it will need unit approval


Thank you, Yes, just doubled checked it. We have had a handful use the QR successfully.

@Butch-Moldenhauer That BSA member number belongs to an adult, and this adult does not have any parent / child relationships set up in my.scouting. I do not see a youth with the same last name.

I would recommend contacting your local council and see if they can find the application.

Thank you! That makes more sense. The parent probably signed their self up on accident.