Stuck on Script Loading Screen

Last night I tried deleting an old account. I don’t remember that ID. My primary ID is 136223434. From the moment I clicked delete have not been able to log into my account. Instead, I’m stuck on the Script loading screen. I’m sending this message from my wife’s account. The system works for her but not me. I’ve tried on various iPads, iPhones, and now my MAC computer. No luck. Please help as I need to submit a dual application for my sons Troop 561 to participate in summer camp as an adult leader.



@AmberShaw what do you mean by “Delete an old account”???

This is not your Number - perhaps your husbands

This is Jason her husband. On the manage my ID screen it listed two accounts for me. The 136223434 is my primary account so I clicked deleted on the other. Thats when everything stopped working. I did this because I am an Assistant Cub Master for my younger son’s Pack 1203 and an ASM for my older son’s Troop 561. I needed to submit a dual application so I could be part of both organizations. That option would not show for me and I was told it was because I had two accounts.

Yes! I am her husband on her account.

Yeah you deleted his Registered position from the user - I am trying to piece it back together for you

Thanks! Also, I’m free to talk through it over the phone if that is easier.

I think it is all cleaned up now - 13361398 is your important MID (BSA#) - that has you ACM registration

Ok thank you! Good to know. I am able to log in now. Much appreciated.

Next challenge. How do I submit an application for multiple memberships so that I can hold leader positions in two separate organizations? I don’t see that option under the My Applications tab. Note, I am under the 136223434 ID.

Log into > click Menu > click My Applications (as long as all are same council) > click Multiple - once done you have to tell the unit they need COR to approve it

I just submitted it using the account you restored. I don’t see those options though when logged in under the 136223434 ID. As long as the training I’ve done under that ID crosses over with the other ID I should be good to go.

It will - usually it is instant

Looks like training has already merged


  • 13361398 - Keep this BSA member number as “primary” at my.scouting.
    It has your Asst. Cubmaster registration.

  • 136223434 - This BSA number does not have a date of birth. You can keep it as a secondary number.