Multiple Scout Numbers can't merge

I"m the cubmaster for my pack but the problem I have is I have two member ID’s that I have not been able to merge no matter how may times I try.
My one ID has all my training and my other has all my positions is there a contact I can call to get this corrected? It very difficult to log in and out under different ID’s to complete tasks.

1st is - 14038895 has my cubmaster features
2nd is - 14003147 has all my training for the last 2.5 years.

Thank you,

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@MichaelRodriguez5 do you want to google log in or the user name? And you are registered as Chair not CM

User name would be better then you could change back to google I think - have fixed that one for you to sync training to right BSA #

Ok Thank you I see them linked now. Not sure why its still as Chair but will look into that on my end. Thank you for the help.