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Submitting a charter with YPT needs

What happens after a unit submits a charter with missing YPT trainings or CBC forms? Does the entire responsibility for tracking completion and notifying units when everything’s complete fall on the Registrar, or are there automated notices to the unit leaders?

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Yep, that’s my understanding. If they were already registered, they should have received automated messaging as their YPT approached expiration, but that wouldn’t apply for a new individual.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’d like to know if and how the unit is informed that charter is complete (once the individuals have completed the needs).

I can usually tell based on My Positions in MyScouting. The dates will be the next charter year when it’s actually posted. So if you have a 12/31/2021 expiration, that’ll change to 12/31/2022 after it is final and posted. This year has some extra gotchas depending on your charter organization though, so that may not always apply.

I was wondering the same thing. I just have one adult needing to update YPT. I’ll tell her and hold on rechartering for a few days.

Yes. Have her redo YPT, wait a couple of days and hit refresh.