YPT Didn't Update -- Holding Up Recharter

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Member ID 12355542 completed YPT…all modules and test…yesterday but it didn’t update on the YPT Report. Because of this, we can’t complete our recharter. Can you take a peek and see what he’s missing or why it didn’t update? Also, I added his YPT certificate to his recharter record thinking it would allow me to add a date when we got further along in recharter but it didn’t. Now it won’t let me unattached the document. There was a way to do it a few weeks ago but now that option for removing files isn’t there.

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They did the Extra YPT not the Mandatory YPT - they need to complete the Mandatory YPT

Got it. I’ll let him know. Thank you!

How can I remove the attachment from his recharter record?

You can’t. You can attach a new one, but there’s no need to attach YPT info since that syncs between the systems (as long as they have the right member number).

When I had this issue last year, I wanted to not have any attachments to slow down posting. So, I had council “reset” my recharter. That did away with any of the adjustments/changes etc. you may have made, but it does get rid of the attachments.


The following members completed YPT (all modules and test), but it didn’t update on the YPT Report. Because of this, we can’t complete our recharter. Can someone please fix this? Thank you

YPT completed//update Charter for Troop 775, Council: Ventura, CA:
(name removed by Moderator) ID# 134223901
(name removed by Moderator) ID# 132078634

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Carrie Deere
Committee Chair
Troop 775

@CarrieDeere1 The first one did it under the wrong sign in - I have put the 2 MIDs under management (my.scouting.org, MENU, Manage member ID) - the training should merge

The second one did the extra learning not the Mandatory learning so they did not do YPT

@CarrieDeere1 The second adult leader did the “Continuing Education - Youth Protection Training
Learning Plan”:

He needs to do the “Mandatory- Youth Protection Training Learning Plan”:

If you have access to the Training Manager, you can see which courses he has taken by:

  1. Clicking on “Add/Search”.
  2. Click on “Search Training”.
  3. Check the box next to the person’s name.
  4. Click on “View Training”.
  5. The courses that you are looking for are:
    SCO_3008 Overview and Policies
    SCO_3009 Sexual Abuse
    SCO_3010 Bullying
    SCO_3011 YPT Certification Test

Thanks, it took me days to contact my CR to finish and she wants to quit being the CR. As it is the 31st. I have little hope of finishing my recharter. I have been CM for last 3 years and not sure how to proceed. I let my council executive know my frustrations over the last several days. They didn’t seem excited. Just said keep working on it. I will call them Monday. Thanks

As it appears to be a business that is Tough - best of luck.

It looks like she is also the Executive Officer.

Maybe she would be open to appointing someone else as COR?

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It would be good to know for sure, but my understanding is that the electronic option can’t be used after the end date. So, when/if it is sorted out, it will have to be paper.

She notified me days ago that she finished. I can’t figure out how to check training manager to see if she didn’t complete or if it was mandatory training vs. continuing education? not sure which website to do that through or how to find Training Manager to even search training. Maybe it hasn’t updated since 29th? Will it update? So I guess legally, I am not supposed to have meetings? So my awards ceremony the 3rd can’t be held?

@AlanSmith2 Call Council - most councils have a 60 day grace period on recharters

My council knows that I am trying so that 60 days grace period makes sense. Thanks. I am used to getting things done early and right, but when depending on other folks, especially parents to let me know if their child is continuing, makes this process challenging and difficult. I spent over $1000 on kids’ dues last year that indicated they were coming back and would pay dues, then never came back after the new year. I will continue talking with my council executive. Thanks for the help.