Scout's Account Seems to Have a Number of Issues!

After getting great help on a couple of other Scoutbook issues here, I thought I’d bring one that has perplexed our unit and Council experts for some time. Account belonging to BSA Member ID 129690577 has not been reflecting advancement updates in quite some time. The individual is 1st Class but reports still show Scout. We were able to enter MB requirement completions in the fall / early winter but efforts to fix have wiped those out now. Scout is visible in Report Manager but not Troop Roster. Can someone of the User Advisory Board take a look at this account and see if they can tell how the wires might be crossed. I can provide additional detail by private contact if needed. I do see from the parent that “576 Volunteer Support []” had been engaged, actually sent a check-in e-mail today and indicated that all was OK from what they could see.

@JohnRoberts9 It looks like the Scout had 2 Scoutbook accounts, but someone merged them on 3/31/2022. The highest rank I see for this Scout is Scout rank.

I can try doing a sync for you.

Please do if you think that might help. There have been a lot of folks looking at this but there still seem to be issues. Thanks!

@JohnRoberts9 This is something weird going on.

I can now see him in the Troop Roster view! But, no longer see him in Report Builder!

@JohnRoberts9 I think I fixed it.

But a Troop Admin will need to fix any adult leader connections to the Scout (like yours).

Ah, OK….I do see he is no longer connected to me in the troop roster view. I will get an admin to address. Thank you Jennifer. Let’s see if this fixes the problem. Fingers crossed!

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