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Unit Advancement Chair Not recording

I am listed as the Unit Advancement Chair for my Troop. I cannot edit past records or enter new advancements, I am receiving an error that says…“logged in user does not have authority to take this action for this organization” or just simply an “error” code. Any ideas why it won’t let me log? Help!

Has a Key 3 gone to Organization Security Manager in and made you Unit Advancement chair there? It has to be done annually.

Yes, it shows that I am listed as Unit Advancement Chair from the drop down header under my positions.

under your positions where? Scoutbook? @JenniferRiffle

I am in internet advancement in

@JenniferRiffle where are you seeing the position? There? Like this example?


yes, it shows my troop the the positions, just like pictured

it shows your troop, but what position does it say for you (look at Donovan’s post again)

ok - send email to - explaining the situation - include as much detail and info as possible about your bsa credentials and unit.


@JenniferRiffle one other option is I can setup a screenshare to take a look too

ok, lets do both. I have a scout turning 18 in 11 days and need have access.

will DM you - also you are a registered leader in your unit?

yes, I am registered.

@JenniferRiffle DM with invite sent

@DonovanMcNeil - on the screen share try just one login to scoutbook then back to IA.

If you find something please post back to this discussion. My Advancement Chair has said she is getting the same error message. I was going to try and confirm but she isn’t available to test it right now.

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I confirmed that UACs are having issues and have passed on findings to lead developer


Thank you. I was thinking it might have been something she was doing wrong but hadn’t had a chance to sit down with her to test it. Now I can tell her it appears to be a bigger issue.

Make sure your unit advancement chair is designated as such in the Organization Security Manager. Your issue may not be an Internet Advancement issue. More information is here: