Scoutbook Event RSVP

I created an Adventure event through the scoutbook den leader experience. It’s showing all of our pack scouts should RSVP. When I click on attendance, only the correct den attendees are listed. I looked at the pack scoutbook and it also shows all of the scouts in the pack as being invited, but it’s different in the event details. The other dens’ events seem to be showing up correctly. I believe the system is sending reminders and missed meeting notifications to the whole pack for one den’s meetings. How do I fix this?

@ErinTetanski - please do not use the DLE

I think I’ve seen several similar reports recently, including this one (Events in Calendar Sending to Pack). It sounds like a bug in the invitee list for DLE.

I tend to agree with @Stephen_Hornak (and many others who’ve said the same thing) regarding DLE. It seems like the benefits it might have aren’t really worth the headaches it causes, but I was a DL in the pre-DLE days, so my experience is all second-hand.

That said, irrespective of our opinions on the matter, it should at least do what it bills itself as doing correctly.

ETA: @edavignon, since you replied on the other thread, do you know if this issue has been reported to the developers for investigation?

I’ve been using it for 3 years without this issue. I also like the meeting plans better than the leader guide. It’s really frustrating that they aren’t the same. Even more so that the guide is also only available electronically.

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