Time zone issues still are there

I have 3 units that have our time zone set to
My Windows 11 PC is set to Chicago UTC - 6 with auto adjust for day light saving time.

IA only lets you set the “central time zone” for Chicago to GMT - 5. Windows DOES NOT allow you to set it to GMT - 5 for Chicago.

I suggest they adopt the same thing. Pick the major city and have the checkbox.

@Matt.Johnson - 5 November is DST change date, so perhaps that is auto adjusting the time

Interesting idea, but very confusing if true!

@Matt.Johnson - yeah I totally understand that. I put in an event on 5 November itself that on the event it starts at 8:30a, but in viewing the calendar it shows 7:30a as local time


@Matt.Johnson are you good for events before Nov 5? We can definitely report the DST issue, but I want to make sure that’s your only issue.

@jacobfetzer - all events for me prior to 11/5 do not show the offset link in my grab, and anything post 11/5 does have the offset. Here is one where the SB event has the the 7pm start time which is what it should be and IA shows 8pm


Which one is the correct start time?

@jacobfetzer - the troop meetings are at 7pm, so the local offset is correct but start date entry has 8pm… if that makes sense.

I assume you originally entered it as 7pm?

@jacobfetzer - yes that is correct… entered in SB as a repeating event for 7pm… here is the calendar view

and in SB



@jacobfetzer - that calendar view looks as it should it is only in the event, grid, list views that you see the offset time

Yes. That does seem to be the issue.

What do you mean by calendar view (that looks correct)?

You can switch between month, week, list. In the list view, it doesn’t put the offset.

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Really appreciate you guys helping us nail down these issues so we know exactly what to report. I know I personally don’t have the time to reproduce everything, but I know you are both pretty thorough.

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Ok, so in the list and also when you click into the event itself?

Sorry! I lead you astray. In the list view, they are wrong, they just don’t show the 2 times.

Ok, I’ve reported this. Interesting, for a newly created event after Nov 5, it’s sort of the opposite where the first time is right, but local is off an hour.

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Please retest your time zone issues, they made some changes. Let us know if they fixed it or not

@WilliamNelson - still looks the same