To connect parent with scout and sibling on scoutbook

Need help connecting a parent to the child on scoutbook. One child is connected but for 2nd child search feature isn’t working so can’t connect sibling.
Parent member id 14811964

Scout SB User ID:12511335
BSA Member ID: 14337657

According to this post in the Scoutbook Change Log, this was fixed a couple of days ago: March 29, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Have you checked since then?

ETA: If you’re a Scoutbook Unit Admin or Key 3/Key 3 delegate, you can also try connecting them in Connections Manager from the unit roster, then go to the newly created connection from the scout’s page, and “upgrade” the connection to a Parent/Guardian type. Make sure it’s the right person, since this isn’t something that you can “undo” at the unit level. It has to go to council (or the individual can disconnect themselves).

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