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Tracking Venturing Awards in Scoutbook

Can I track awards earned in Venturing or do I need to continue using IA?

Scoutbook supports Crews. All Crew Key 3 members are admins in Scoutbook and can setup other crew leaders for access. I suggest going to to get started.

Thank you however I already have Scoutbook set up for the crew but for some reason it appears that I can only enter awards with in Internet Advancement. I was simply hoping to use Scoutbook only as our troop does

@AmyBeach - you should be able to go to any venture member then click on awards on their page and it should list the venturing awards.

So a little more investigating and it appears that this is only a problem with Scouts that are dual registered in a Troop. I do not have permission to edit/update their profile so I can not make any changes only view info that their Troop has put in.

@AmyBeach - what happens if you click on the awards line on the scout page ? Also, are you a crew admin ? You can go to the crew roster then your name then positions. Click on the crew admin, check the agree box then update.

When you go to an individual Scouts page look at the top - if they are dual registered you will see “Troop ###” - “Crew ####” - to get to the individual Venturing Awards you have to select their crew

Yes I’m Crew Admin and troop committee member. So I should be able to edit the Crew awards/Leadership positions, correct?

Re:. what happens if you click on the awards line on the scout page ?

I get a blank screen with the exception of the youth name in the very top bar with the navigation icons such as home/dashboard etc.

Re: yes, I see where they are dual registered and if I go into the troop unit number then I can view all of their information. But if I go to the crew then I literally get a blank screen (with the exception as noted when looking at the awards screen)

@AmyBeach - it may be better to use the native screenshot in your OS rather than a photo. In Windows it is snipping tool and it may be a print screen in IOS. The photo is difficult to read.

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