Troop and Crew Connection on Scoutbook

We have some Troop members that are also in other Venture Crews.
The Crews are completely separate from the Troop, although, it seems like an admin on the Troop can give awards/advancement to the Crew and vice versa.

Am I understanding this correctly?
Does it have to be this way?

It seems to me that leaders of one group should not have access to the other groups awards/advancements…


That is how it is programmed for several reasons - the Crew has every right to award any Scout BSA advancement or award to the Scout as long as they are First Class. The main thing is communication.

Are you seeing troop registered scouters (who are not also registered scouters in the crew) able to mark Venturing advancement Leader Approved? That seems odd. I am the parent of a scout who’s in both a troop and a crew, and I can only mark Completed Venturing advancement, not Leader Approved, even though I am a Key 3 Delegate and Unit Admin in the troop, and have Full Control in the crew and troop (as a parent).

If you’re seeing troop scouters able to mark things Leader Approved in the crew, are you sure that the adults are not also leaders in the crew?

Charley, Thanks for your replay. Maybe I’m not seeing it correctly. I only have scouts in the Troop, so I don’t know what it’s like to be in booth.

Am and admin in our Troop and it just looked like I could go in and give a rank advancement to a scout in a Ship. Of course I didn’t go through with it, I was just clicking around to see what could be done. Perhaps I could only mark it complete, but not Leader Approved.

That’s basically what I’m trying to clarify. Can that be done?

It boils down to this for me:
Does a leader in the Crew/Ship have to have admin privileges in the Troop in order to approve awards in the Crew? Or do they have separate credentials that gives them that access from their Crew?


If you see the scout you must have some connection to the scout? Connections are not isolated to units. So if you have Edit Advancements for Troop you would have the same for Crew or Ship. If you are not connected to the Scout you would just see First name last initial and not be able to click their name

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