Trained Leader Report issues

The Trained Leader Report (or “Trained Leaders Status”) is sort of a mess. First off, it contains tons of cryptic codes. At the very least, provide a link to on the Report.

Secondly, there’s something very confusing going on with the training statuses. All of my Scoutmaster corps shows “Y01 - 66% (2/3)” under Mandatory Training: Completed. Y01 is Youth Protection. This looks like they have not completed YPT, but the YPT report shows that they have. What’s going on here?

Thirdly, how do I print the trained leader report? The PDF button only gives “NO” or “YES” for “Trained”; I want to print the list of needed courses.

Lastly, is there a way to print individual reports, so I can hand them out to leaders to show them what they need to do?

It’s a little confusing because of course revisions over time. Generally the training status stays but the completion status does not. So for the current iteration of YPT, only 2/3 appears to have been completed. However, it was completed recently enough prior to this revision that this individual is still considered trained. There’s an already announced refresh coming near June 1 (target date, not guaranteed) so expect that confusing presentation to continue.

You have a similar situation with SCO_800 (Hazardous Weather) and scoutmasters. If a scoutmaster was ‘trained’ before SCO_800 was included in the training requirements, they will still be trained. If they took SCO_800 and it has expired, they will still be trained. Neither of those really make sense but the training people haven’t come out and definitively address how to handle those situations so you end up with the system saying trained without that course being current or done at all.

As to the codes, at least you have a list in this case. On other reports you get registration statuses and other fields that are similarly cryptic. I’ve picked up on some of them, but not all of them. Definitely room for improvement.

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Position Trained Requirements

5/9/2021: That link is showing a 3 Aug 2020 document:
Current requirement list appears to be:

BSA Home > Training > Training Quicklinks

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