Trained Leaders graphic includes untrained leaders as trained

In my unit’s Training Manager is this diagram:

Since this is not the YPT diagram, that suggests it’s about position-trained leaders. E.g., is the Assistant Scoutmaster fully trained as an Assistant Scoutmaster?

If you click on the green or red, you get a list of people who are trained for their position (green) or not (red).

If I click on the green (trained), I get a list of 11 people. Two of those 11 are not position-trained. They have completed Y01 (YPT), but their Classroom Training column shows 0% completion, and their Online Training column shows that one leader is only 13% trained, and the other is only 11% trained.

In my case, this trained leaders list should only have 9 people and not include the two who have not completed their training.

Is it possible that the leaders completed position-specific training for their roles under a previous set of required courses? When the BSA revised the position-specific training courses, leaders who had been fully-trained prior to the revisions retained that Trained status, so long as they continued to be registered in that role. For example, I have only taken a portion of the new training courses online, but I show up as position-trained because I completed all of the online training courses (plus IOLS) for my registered position prior to the revisions.

Two thoughts on that:

  1. Would that be classroom training, mainly? If so, not indicated.
  2. If what you say is true, then the report is not letting us know but should.

Here’s what I see for the two trained leaders in concern. the columns are Mandatory Training, Classroom Training, Online Training.

Leader 1 training (Asst. Scoutmaster):

Leader 2 training (Committee Member):

Oh, wait a second, this has legs!

I am leader 1! I completed the online Scoutmaster training. In reviewing my own completions, at, I see course completions, like SCO_439 and SCO_440, that don’t show up in the trained leader report!

Therefore, we have a missing-information problem. The pie chart suggests I am trained, but the detail list it takes me to does not explain why.

I’d prefer to see a list of all trainings taken, even expired ones. But if that is not possible, at least provide some text explaining that some of a person’s trainings may be hidden if the person took an older version of a course.

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Yeah, the problem (in my mind) is that the system “expires” courses which are no longer currently offered, even if folks who completed them and are fully position-trained as a result of taking them rely on that data to show that they are fully trained.

The issue with not doing so, however, is that there are a million-zillion (okay, maybe not that many) course codes for each version, and displaying them all would get cumbersome. Also, it’s only relevant if the person was fully position-trained for their current position before the course codes “expired”, and (I think) stayed registered in that position from before to after the course codes changed.

At one point, I think that there were different colors for the word “Yes” under the “Trained?” column for those cases. Blue for fully-trained under previous course codes, green for fully-trained under current ones maybe?

Visual accessibility for all goal?

I am hoping the my.Scouting tools developers have one.

Using different colors for different meaning of same word or shape may not be readable for users who are color blind or using a text reader because of limited vision.

Visual (and other) accessibility recommendations may be found at: