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Bring back adult training indicators into Scoutbook

Before this summer, you could see training status of adult leaders in Scoutbook, on their profile pages. It was an easy-to-understand indicator that gave instant and valuable feedback on one’s training status.

I would like something like this brought back. Losing that indicator impedes access to info that is important to program quality and safety. Now it takes many more clicks (UX friction) or intervention of the training chair to dredge up this information. Also, the removal of such a useful and valuable indicator frustrates BSA’s ethic that all Scouts deserve trained leaders.

I am aware of the summer 2019 change to remove deprecated training-related features from Scoutbook. I am not asking for a reversion to the prior state or debating that decision.

I am only asking for re-implementation of some kind of training indicators. How I expect them to work is if you visit the leader’s profile:

  • YPT

    • Indicator displays, showing whether YPT
    • (only if you’re looking at your own profile) Indicator links to the YPT page at (accessed by selecting My Training from the menu–the URL doesn’t change). This page is kludgy, so it is a placeholder until some better page is built.
    • (only if you’re looking at your own profile) If YPT is less than, say, 90 days from expiring, show an alert, next to the above indicator, that YPT should be renewed soon. That alert should link directly to a training page that the user can use to re-up YPT. (Taleo seems quite JavaScript-heavy, so not clear if a direct link exists?)
  • Position-specific training, for each position that one’s Scoutbook membership says one is in and for which BSA has online training tracks:

    • Show percent complete of training.
    • If not complete, show alert that training needs completion.
    • (only if you’re looking at your own profile) The “training needs completion” link goes to the Taleo page for this training track. (Taleo seems quite JavaScript-heavy, so not clear if a direct link exists?)

On roster views, a compact indicator by leaders that, at a glance, indicates YPT status and completion for any positions displayed by the leader’s name.

For example, if I am looking at a pack or den roster and see this:

…I would see three compact indicators, one each for:

  • YPT
  • CS19 Den Leader Training
  • CS19 Cubmaster Training

An alternative is, in the roster view, a small “Trained” patch to replace the position-specific position training indicators. That is, the leader will get a “Trained” patch by the name if training is completed for all assigned positions. I still recommend that YPT has its own indicator as YPT is mandatory. That is unlike the rest, which while recommended, is not mandatory.

As mentioned above, I am not trying to debate the broader change from this summer. I can be on board with leaving the training reports at The UI of those reports is poor, but that’s a matter for a different topic.


Youth Protection Training (YPT) course codes changed

On 3 May 2017 the training codes for the youth protection courses were:

  • Y01 Youth Protection Training
  • Y02 Venturing Youth Protection Training
  • Y03 Exploring Youth Protection Training

This changed in 2018. My understanding is that Y02 and Y03 are no longer in use.

YPT code was updated in database in 2018

My 2018-08-21: Youth Protection Training Records Corrections for 2018 post in the old forum topic "Y02 Training still showing on Trained Leaders Report "

These data changes affect Training Manager reports on the my.Scouting Tools website. Per the “Commissioner Technology Focus Group Status Report - PDF” of July 16, 2018 PDF:

Youth Protection Training

• A new YPT expiration date ‘field’ has been added to the data file and is being used in Training Manager
• The decision was made to incorporate a system-wide change to those who have not yet taken the new YPT to change their YPT expiration date to September 30, 2018. This will help encourage all volunteers to take the new YPT training before 9/30/2018. All web dashboards and YPT reports have been updated. We are currently working on modifications to the mobile app and the YPT status indicator.
Updates are being made to replace Y02 and Y03 with the Y01 requirement to be Leader specific trained requirements and to credit leaders accordingly. Scripts will be run to update those who have qualified since 2/1 and have not been credited with the trained leader indicator.
• A new process was implemented for a certificate to be emailed to you upon completion of the 4 required sections of YPT in the BSA Learn Center.

Thank you. I’ve updated that detail in my original post.

There is an item in the development backlog to restore the trained strip to user’s profiles. We do not know when this will be scheduled for development.


I also agree! Plus, and it was also helpful to see who had completed other trainings required for Pack campout such as BALOO, weather training, etc.

Hi Sandra, here’s how you can do that using the Training Manager at

  1. Click on the Search Training icon (looks like a magnifying glass).
  2. Click on the green checkmark icon to select all adult leaders.
  3. Click on the Print Member Training Report icon (looks like a document or piece of paper).
  4. Then use CTRL+F to find out which leaders have taken BALOO, Weather Hazards, etc.

We recently updated our leader positions in Scoutbook to reflect each scouter’s duties.

Our district has a big push on to meet the BSA training compliance standards. What do I need to do to push these position updates toward the adult leader training modules so that the percentage of trained leaders is properly reflected?

Thank you in advance.

Register them in their new positions. In many councils that means filling out new adult applications. In a couple, they have a simplified position change form for new positions in the same unit.

Thanks for the information.

So much for automating these processes…

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