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Trained Leader Report

Trained Leaders Report

If a committee member attends IOLS it should be reflected in the trained leaders report. As should any advanced training the Scouter completes


If you use the Training Manager at, certain leaders in the unit (Unit Leader, Committee Chair, Chartered Org. Rep., Key 3 Delegates, Unit Training Chair) can view all training that a Scouter has taken by clicking on “Search Training”.

There are some Scouters who have taken 50+ courses. The Trained Leader report is designed to show who is trained for their registered position and what course(s) they might need.

BALOO should be added to the list for Packs.

When will Scoutbook and the Sync feature be updated to reflect the 2019 Training?

Scoutbook training will not be updated. See the March 2019 blog post.

The Blog post says “Scoutbook will soon remove all but YPT and Position Trained from Scoutbook and replace with links to training center and reports” so, when will it update to reflect the 2019 Position Trained requirements? Or will it simply just show that you are Trained?

Derek, I interpreted the statement as only indicating if you are Trained for your position, or not, possibly by displaying the Trained patch on your profile.

When the change is fully implemented, Scoutbook will retrieve the position trained status from It will not contain any training records other than the Youth Protection Training (YPT) expiration date. YPT data in Scoutbook is currently updated nightly.

The interim step of providing a link to the user’s training record is has already been completed. There are 2 links to on the user’s landing page.

The long term plan is to provide all users that can currently access the Trained Leaders Report in Scoutbook a link to the unit’s training reports in The SUAC has not been given a schedule for this work to be completed.

The purpose of the “Trained Leader Report” at is to identify which adult leaders are “trained” for their registered position. Adult leaders who have completed the required training for their registered position may wear the “Trained” patch.

BALOO is required in order for a pack or Webelos den to be able to conduct an overnight campout, but it is not part of the trained requirements for a particular position.

We have requested that an additional search feature be added to the Training Manager so that units can search based on a particular course (for example: BALOO), but we do not know if or when this additional search capability might be added.

In the meantime, here is how you can see if one or more of your leaders has taken a particular course using the Training Manager at

  1. Click on the “Search Training” icon (looks like a magnifying glass).
  2. Select one or more adult leaders or select all using the green check mark.
  3. Click on the “Print Member Training Report” icon (looks like a document or piece of paper).
  4. Open up the pdf file and use ctrl+F to search based on your search term (for example: BALOO).

+1 for search feature