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Trained Leaders Report

Trained Leaders Report

If a committee member attends IOLS it should be reflected in the trained leaders report.
As should any advanced training the Scouter completes.

There as Scouters who have served as Scoutmaster, Cubmasters ect. in the past but it is not recognized in the Trained Leaders Report.

We should know what experience and knowledge we have available.

Isn’t that the purpose of the Trained Leader Report ?



The BSA has announced that the Scoutbook training reports will not be updated. Official reports are in Training Manager in Long term, Scoutbook will link directly to these reports.

See the March 2019 blog post.

The purpose of the Trained Leader Report is to show which leaders are basic “trained” for their position. If you want to see all training for a particular Scouter in your unit, go to, use the Training Manager, and “Search Training”.

Scoutbook will only show training for the positions that the individual has recorded on their profile. If the former positions (Scoutmaster, ASM, etc.) are not shown, the training for those positions will not show. If you want the training to show for their former positions, they need to update their profile to reflect those positions. An individual can have multiple positions (in Scoutbook, not on the Charter). Once updated and the training synced with national, the Trained Leader Report will show the training for each position.

Great, Thank You

There is a lot to learn in this journey