Training a new Advancement chair and things look confusing ie Rank Dates

The newest update to internet advancement if you click on ranks, it shows the date that they may have been approved not the date they were earned.
So a scout who we know had an error of what was signed in his book and what was entered in internet advancement we cannot easily verify this on internet advancement at a glance.

If we pull The report for the scout, it shows the correct dates for the ranks, but it’s just weird to click to view ranks quickly like before a sm conference or bor and you get a date that really is unimportant. Why do they show that date instead of the date the rank was earned on the scout’s advancement screen?

Background is Our troop uses troop web host upload to internet advancement.
The troop does not use Scoutbook, I only use Scoutbook as troop records and recharter person when scoutbook is the easiest way to fix things.

This has been reported. It looks like IA is showing audit dates, not completion dates. The dates do display correctly in Scoutbook. Using either the reports or Scoutbook is the workaround until this is fixed.

Thanks for confirming that I was not crazy for what I was seeing.
Hopefully they’ll fix it, because edit date, enter date, start date, blah blah, none of that matters except completion date.