Trained Leader Status Report--Blue vs Green

In the Trained Leader Status Report, some “Completed” are showing as blue and some are green. What is the difference?

Some of my leaders are showing “yes” as TRAINED, with their mandatory trainings completed but position specific incomplete. But showing a blue incomplete with 1/9 modules completed. Yet another leader is showing “no” as TRAINED, with their mandatory trainings completed and showing blue incomplete with 3/9 modules completed.

Is there an explanation somehere for this report? I viewed the youtube vidoes given in “help” but those weren’t much help to me.

What is considered “trained” vs “untrained” here?


@MelissaRoder What’s the BSA member number for the adult where Trained = “no”?

One of them showing “no” is 132023322.

I think that the “yes” but showing modules incomplete may be due to having completed training under an earlier training regime, but some or all the new modules have not been taken. That’s how I used to show up. For some reason, the unit-level training reports aren’t working for me today, so I’m not sure how I show up at the moment.

Well this user is trained for one position (MBC) but not for another Committee member

From the developer:

“Blue means that completion of the training is above 0% but less than 100%”

Here are the position trained requirements:

That Committee Member appears to be missing several online modules. In the Training Manager, if you click on “Add/Search”, then check the box next to the person’s name, you can then click on “Position Requirements Report”. This report lists the required courses for the position. If there is no date under “Last Completed”, that means they need to take that course/module.

Committee Members can do the training online or there is a classroom option.

Aha! That makes complete sense. Thank you!!

Blue means partial–got it. Thank you!!

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One of our ASMs had current YPT and SM/ASM training, but not hazardous weather. That gave them a blue yes.

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