Training complete, not showing trained

I have a Scoutmaster, MID 121502139, not showing as position-trained.

However, his training record shows he completed all the modules required under the 2017 standards. At this time S11 and SCO_800 were not required. He should show as trained.

Please forward this issue to the training folks for review and correction.


For reference, I have attached the link to the 2017 standards. I went to a non-BSA site to find this document, as BSA does not keep a log of their old/obsolete forms. chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

EDIT: per the below posts, the document is in error. S11 was required, but not included on the document. Thank you for all the replies and documentation.

Your file lists the online courses, but S11 which is a classroom course has been required for a very long time, even in 2017. I will ask around for a reference if one is available.

By the way S11 usually can be tested out of if the SM is experienced. Contact your local council training chair.

The attached list of what courses were required in 2017 is from the BSA. It shows S11 as being required.
trainedleader_requirements.pdf (306.0 KB)

IOLS not appearing on that archived document is an oversight. I was a Unit Commissioner 2005-2014 and helped my units get their leaders trained and IOLS was required back then to be fully trained to SM/ASM. And I’m 99% sure that going back to the 80s and 90s it, or something very similar, was required for the position because I remember my dad having to attend it when he became an ASM after I crossed over.

Prior to S11 (IOLS) there was a Scoutmaster Fundamentals course which trained Scoutmasters. It consisted of 3 classroom courses. Two were indoors and one was outdoors and covered 1st class camping requirements. The outdoor course was replaced with S11 and the indoor courses were replaced with S24 (and now can be taken online.)

I checked the internet archive for my old council website. The page for outdoor skills introduction as a supplemental course was changed to IOLS as a required training for SM/ASM sometime between May 2001 and July 2002.

Hazardous Weather Training (SCO_800) is now required for all directed contact leaders to maintain trained status. There was an approximatly 2 year grace period where direct contact leaders would be considered trained without SCO_800, but that grace period has since expired. SCO_800 must now be taken every 2 years to remain trained.

S11 - Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) was required for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters before 2017 in order to be considered “trained”.

Here is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (from 2017):

Position-Specific (Role-Based) Courses: Basic Leader Requirements (from 2017):

This option has been officially removed, although some councils still offer it. As you say, contact your local council or district training chair.