Training Issues

I have been trying to take my YPT training for a few weeks. I get this error:
“{“status”:500,“name”:“InternalServerError”,“message”:“The server could not process the request, please try again later.”}”
Hardware: Macbook Air, macOS 12.6
OS: Chrome Version 106.0.5249.119

Angela - are you following the suggested settings above? Using these settings I have completed two modules in the last week with no issues.

@AngelaShank I would recommend contacting your local council for assistance.

You have 2 BSA member ID numbers in the same council:

13726379 - Missing date of birth (DOB)

and both have current / active registrations. You want your registrations to be under a single BSA MID, and the 13726379 MID needs your DOB. Your council should be able to fix.

You also have 2 user names at my.scouting. One is your e-mail address and the other has Apple sign in turned on.

Please try again and log in at my.scouting, then see if you can access the training site.

Our SM, on a Mac, completed all 4 YPT modules this morning.

I have been told by IT that the problem may be load related. If it is, I’m not surprised that folks are able to complete training M-F early in the day while most volunteers are unable to take training due to work schedules.