Training not showing in leaders profile

S24 is already on the main account

Does S24 not included the SCO_800 course too?

800 is totally different and the user has never done it

@MindyDoerr It looks like he did Hazardous Weather Training under the secondary BSA number. It should get copied onto the primary BSA number within 24 hours.

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Thank you everyone for your help! It looks like his training is coming through to the right ID. I can’t thank you enough.

This is an awesome volunteer who goes to every campout and is helpful courteous and kind. I’m happy all of his training is showing correctly now, he deserves it. He works hard for our troop. He’s awesome.

Thank You!

Sound like he is 4-5-6 (Friendly-Courteous-Kind)

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@MindyDoerr Donovan already said this, but you will want to contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up his children. In the “Relationships” tab / section, he should be listed as parent only under his primary BSA member ID number: 12550478. He should be removed if listed as parent under any other BSA numbers. Otherwise, his BSA member numbers might get switched at the next Recharter, and this could result in the creation of a duplicate Scoutbook account.

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