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Leaders have training but not showing as trained

So I have been working with my local council to get this fixed, but haven’t had any luck. I’m hoping that somebody here can help.

I have 2 individuals ID’s 100078417 and 1633105. The are trained as commissioners and the classroom shows up in the report, but they are listed as not trained. Additionally the first ID is also registered as a committee member with a troop and the same situation exists. Please see pictures below.

I suggest you let the Council submit the ticket to national. That would be the quickest solution.

Or have them do all the computer modules listed to the right…more is better, right ?? :slight_smile:

Have one be guinea pig and see if that toggles the “Trained” Looks like the first entry is close to completion of those.

I tried that. They told me that it is because they are registered in two different positions and they will only show trained in their position that pays for them. That can’t be true though because I’m registered in 5 positions myself and show trained in all of them.

While that might solve the problem it is not the solution. It is hard enough to get volunteers to take all the training they need. If we start telling them they need both classroom and online training we might loose even more folks. I don’t think it is out of line to ask for errors in the system to be fixed.

It’s not - ask them to submit the ticket so your council’s records can be checked and validated.

I had a similar issue with my Scoutmaster position. What I did was contact the Membership Executive at our Council office and provided proof that I had completed the training that was not showing up.

The Membership Executive was able to fix the problem on her end and it took a day or so for her update to sync with my.scouting and show me as trained.

I don’t know what Council you’re in, but hopefully they have a list of executives’ contact information on their website so you can find out who is responsible for Membership stuff or Registration Services.