Training Report

Is there a way I (as Committee Chair) can verify old trainings someone has taken, to verify their “Trained” status, or are we supposed to take the training report’s word for it? The person shows as fully trained, but no current position specific training has been completed. I assume they completed an old training module/course, but how can I verify?

What is the BSA member number for the person?

Using the Training Manager at my.scouting:

  1. Click on “Add/Search”.
  2. Click on “Search Training”.
  3. Select the individual.
  4. Click on “View Training”.

On the right side of the gray bar, click on the filter to Show: “All with History” or “Trained”

It is possible that the adult leader might have other training under a different BSA member number.

Member ID is 12025480

Thanks for sharing how to search for what training someone has taken! That was incredibly helpful. Still can’t figure how the above member is considered trained for committee member of a troop…it looks like her training was for a pack committee member. Does the system not recognize a difference?

@MelissaRoder The system is supposed to recognize the difference. This looks like a bug to me.

I would recommend contacting your local council and ask them to open a support ticket on your behalf.