Training stuck at 90%

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Thank you!)

Hello; I’m stuck at 90% complete for the “Safety Afloat” training. The first time, I got all the way through and couldn’t access the certificate to print. Then it stated I was 90% complete so I relaunched it and it was at the beginning… I took the training again. I got all the way to the last 1 or 2 questions and it just hangs.

I engaged my mom for assistance and we troubleshot to the best of our abilities with multiple computers and devices as well as utilizing multiple browsers. The training is not retaining my progress; instead the training is listed as 90% in progress (when I have 100% completed it) and restarts every time.

Please assist, I have this training and hazardous weather (which from the forums seems to historically experience the same issues) to complete ASAP as I head for Sea Base Scuba Adventure in the beginning of August.

Thank you,
Ian Brumm

@IanHann - i was able to complete the training yesterday without issue. It was in one sitting and it work for me on firefox in win11